How to Remove Rust Stains From Sinks, Tubs & Toilets

How to Remove Rust Stains From Sinks, Tubs & Toilets

Are you noticing harsh rust stains on your sinks, tubs, or toilets? Here at Alliance Plumbing, we know that such stains can be unsightly and frustrating. Not only do they seem to grow quickly, but getting rid of them isn’t as straightforward as water and a little scrubbing. Rust from plumbing can be a real pain to get rid of, but luckily most of the stains it causes can be successfully removed. If you’re tired of trying solution after solution without success, check out these few simple tips!

Pumice Sticks

Pumice scouring sticks are awesome tools to remove stains from porcelain. Pumice is an extremely light volcanic rock that’s formed naturally when lava froth (molten rock filled with a high concentration of gas) rapidly cools, allowing the gas to escape and leaving behind a rock formation that looks somewhat like a sponge. And fortunately for you, it acts somewhat like a sponge with excellent scrubbing properties.

Pumice can usually be purchased in bar form from your local market, usually found in the health and beauty section because of its uncanny ability to remove callouses from feet. All you have to do is get a bar nice and wet and then rub it directly on the stain. The friction will create a pumice paste that eventually gets finer and finer and acts like an abrasive polish. This polish scrubs the rust stains out of the finest pores in the surface of your porcelain fixtures, leaving them looking sparkling and brand new again. However, don’t leave pumice paste sitting on your sink for long; be sure to rinse it off when you’re done scrubbing!

Lemon Juice and Salt

It seems like good old-fashioned home remedies are all the rage right now, and while many of these remedies are a waste of time or could even lead to further problems, lemon juice and salt isn’t one of them. In fact, this could be the solution you’ve been looking for and doesn’t even require a trip to the hardware or home improvement store! This is because citric acid that’s found plentifully in lemons actually has great cleaning and stain removal properties.

Simply mix the two ingredients together into a paste and let it sit on the stained surface for at least 30 minutes, but for as long as up to two hours. The more stained your surface, the longer you’ll want to let the mixture sit and work. Because this does require a constant soaking, this option usually works best for flat surfaces like the floors of tubs or bottoms of sinks (with the stopper shut). After enough time has elapsed, scrub the stain with a toothbrush and you should see the color start to lift away!

This option works great on flat surfaces such as sinks and tub drains. Simply mix the two ingredients together, let the mixture sit on the surface for at least 30 minutes (or up to a few hours), and scrub away with a tooth brush. Rinse it well with water when you’re done and enjoy your clean sink or tub!

Chemical Cleaners

If other solutions haven’t yielded good results, you may want to resort to a stronger chemical solution. Chemical cleaners, such as The Works or Zud, are great options for removing rust stains, but do require a little bit of extra care in their use, often because they contain extremely strong acids that are designed to lift the stain away from your porcelain surfaces. Simply spray or pour the product on the problem area, let it set properly (which may take anywhere from a few minutes to a few hours, and scrub the residue away with an abrasive surface or cleaning brush. Again, be sure to rinse properly with water when you’re finished and definitely wear safety gloves whenever working with these materials to avoid contacting it with your bare skin.

If you’re dealing with a stubborn rust issue in your plumbing, it may be time to consider re-piping your home. Call Alliance Plumbing today at (281) 201-0005 to request an estimate or schedule a repair!

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