How To Shut Off Water To Your Washing Machine

How To Shut Off Water To Your Washing Machine

Your washing machine has 2 water supply lines. One for hot and one for cold. In the diagram to the right you can see these water lines feed the washing machine from above (yours may feed from the bottom) and go in to the washing machine outlet box. There are two valves in the box. These valves allow you to stop the water flow to the washing machine if a problem occurs.

If you notice water on the floor around your washing machine, shut off both water supply valves

On the outlet side of each valve, there are hoses that supply water to the washing machine. These hoses are made of rubber in many installations. Over time the rubber will break down, weaken and start to leak or burst. You may be able to see water on the hose or dripping from them. An upgrade to rubber hoses is braided stainless steel hoses. They are stronger and will last longer. If your leak is not in the supply hoses, it could be in the drain hose or inside the washing machine.

But what if you’re not home when a leak occurs?

There are automatic water valve shutoffs available. They’re electronic devices that use a sensor on the floor to detect the presence of water. If the sensor determines there is a leak, it automatically turns off the water supply to protect your home and furnishings. We’d be happy to help you with the installation of an automatic water shut off. We also provide expert help with water heaters & sewer line repair, don't hesitate to give us a call!

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