What’s Okay To Flush Down Your Toilet?

What’s Okay To Flush Down Your Toilet?

Over the years our plumbers have seen a lot of items that get flushed down toilets that just aren’t meant to be in your drains. We encourage you to talk with your kids and family so they know what can and cannot go down the drains in your house.

The best way to prevent clogged toilet problems is to be careful about what gets flushed!

The rule is pretty simple. Fluids and solid waste from your body and toilet paper are the ONLY things you should flush down your toilet. Your plumbing system is fluid. Water is delivered and carries away waste via water. Any solids should degrade in water readily and easily. Toilet paper is made to disintegrate in the water in your plumbing system.

Never flush these items down your toilet

There’s an old saying, out of sight…out of mind. Some common things that people may be tempted to flush are tampons, baby wipes, medicine, diapers, hand wipes, dental floss, cigarette butts and more. These items do NOT break down in water. Some wipes are sold as “flushable”. But they will NOT break down as fast and efficiently as toilet paper. So we do not recommend you flush them.

What to do about a clogged toilet

Grab the plunger first! Many clogs occur within the toilet fixture and a plunger can fix them. Ne, t a snake can be used if the clog is further down, away from the toilet. You should call us if your clog is in the drains or sewer line that lead away from your toilet. Our drain cleaning technicians have special training on how to handle any clogged toilet or drain without damaging your fixture or drain lines.

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