Home Plumbing Inspection Tips For Home Buyers

Home Plumbing Inspection Tips For Home Buyers

Look for these plumbing problems when you’re looking to buy a Clear Lake, Friendswood and League City, TX area home

Buying a home is an exciting and scary decision. You have lots to consider before making this significant investment. We want to help you make sure the plumbing system in your potential home is in good working order at purchase time. We’ve put together a list of items you should check and consider when you look at potential homes to buy.

Inspect the water heater

If it is a tank style water heater, what size is it? A 40-gallon water heater is sufficient for 3 to 4 people. Does this meet your needs? You should also visually look for signs of rust at the tank welds or anywhere on the tank, they signal points where the tank could leak in the future or has leaked in the past. Also, check how old the water heater is. Most tank-style water heaters last 8 to 12 years. There will be a plate attached to the water heater with the serial number that includes the year it was manufactured.

Inspect all the toilets

Flush each toilet to make sure it is working properly. Look for signs of any leaking around the base, tank and supply hoses.

Inspect gas lines

If the home has not been occupied and the gas supply has been shut off, you may need to have a gas pressure check performed by a licensed plumber. Ask your realtor to find out the status of the gas supply to the home. You’ll want to be prepared if there are costs to restore gas flow the house.

Inspect all faucets, water lines, outside hoses and tub spigots / shower heads

Look for leaks or any sign that the fixture has been leaking. Even small leaks or drips that may seem insignificant can cause big water problems or cost more in water utility bills.

Find out what material is used to plumb the water lines

Prior to the 1980’s lead and galvanized pipes were used in home construction. These pipes are not allowed by code anymore. Re-piping an entire house is expensive.

Inspect walls and ceilings for water stains

These would most likely be caused by leaky water lines or drains. Small leaks can become big problems over time. Water can cause mold and damage wood framing, insulation and drywall.

Inspect drain and sewer performance

Individually turn on each water supply fixture and watch for slow or clogged drains. Listen for gurgling that may indicate a partial clog. The main sewer line in the house is where all drain lines lead to. Problems in the main sewer line like clogs, tree roots, pipe collapse or other issues can result in a very expensive repair bill. You should consider having a licensed plumber with video inspection equipment determine the condition of the main sewer line before you purchase.

Take your time when you find a house you’re interested in

Make notes as you go through the house. Re-visit the property and look over items thoroughly that you have any concerns about. Have a home inspector look over the entire home and prepare a report for you. If you have any concerns specifically about the plumbing, contact a licensed plumber to perform an inspection.

We can help you with any plumbing need before or after you purchase your home, our plumbers are experts at all the local codes for the Clear Lake, League City, Friendswood, TX and surrounding areas, call us at (281) 201-0005.

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