How To Save On Water Heater Costs

How To Save On Water Heater Costs

Your water heater is the second biggest energy user in your home

The biggest user of energy is your heating and air conditioning system. Heating water is second. If you’re looking to save some money, read on to understand how water heaters work and to gain some tips on how to save on water heating costs.

There are basically two types of water heaters, tank style, and tankless water heaters

Tank style waters heaters store heated water. When you turn on a hot water faucet the stored water flows from the storage tank to your point of use. Water is continuously heated and reheated in a tank so hot water is available when you need it. This heating and re-heating is a waste of energy during periods you don’t need hot water, but the process is the price you pay to have hot water readily available.

Tankless water heaters do NOT store water. They heat water on demand. So when you open a hot water faucet, the tankless system goes into heating mode, flash heating the water you need and sending it to your point of use. You save the energy that is used by a tank system heating and re-heating water stored in a tank.

Tips to save on water heating with either a tank or tankless water heater

  • Turn down the thermostat to the lowest acceptable temperature, typically 120 degrees
  • Use pipe insulation on hot water lines leaving the water heater
  • Annual maintenance by a professional ensures energy efficiency and long equipment life
  • If no one is home for extended periods of time, turn the heater thermostat all the way down or to vacation mode
  • Wash clothes in cold water, most detergents work fine in cold water
  • Use water saver devices on shower heads and faucets

Tips to save on tank style water heating

  • Wrap the heater with an insulating blanket
  • Install the appropriate size tank for your needs, don’t heat and re-heat more water than you need
  • Install a timer that saves energy during periods when no one is home or during sleep hours

It pays to get the appropriate water heater for your needs

Tank style water heaters last about 8 years, tankless water heaters last approximately 20 years. These numbers are based on proper annual maintenance being performed. Over the life of any water heater, the energy costs to operate the heater are dependent on many variables. The good news is that there are more options available today than ever. The downside is that it’s more difficult to decide what’s best for you. Our plumbers will help you find the best solution for your needs, call us at (281) 201-0005.

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